Shield of Faith is a community church that is geared towards meeting the needs of the Kensington Area of Philadelphia.

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Reverend Jefty Pietersen

The founding Pastor of Shield of Faith Christian Center. Born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa, Reverend Pietersen was a proud and serving member of Rhema and people to the leadership and guidance of Rhema Bible Church. And also attended Rhema Bible College for two years and graduated He served the church and community in the Missions and Prison Ministry for 15 years before the Lord called him to the United States of America.

While serving as an Lay Minister at Assembles of God, he continued on with his Bible education by attending Master’s Commission Bible Institute. Where after 2 years he was ordained as Pastor. He then joined Impacting Your World Christian led by Pastor Ray and Tracey Barnard. He served in the ministry for 14 years as an associate Pastor

Reverend Jefty Pietersen continues to be apart of the community by joining forces with multiple organizations around the city of Philadelphia to spread the gospel. Along with K.C.R.N/Navigators and his ministry team share the gospel to many whom are incarcerated in the Philadelphia Prison System. Many men, woman and children give praise to the ministry team who continue to devout their team to preaching of the word of God.

With winning multiple accolades, Volunteer Of The Year at Philadelphia Prison System, Maternity Award, and many more Rev Pietersen and an inspiring group of individuals have spent numerous time and devotion to helping those in need. From Operation Rwanda clothing drive, to mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti or Angel Tree providing love and gifts to children whom parents are incarcerated. All of this work and this new journey Reverend Jefty Pietersen has embarked upon by opening up his own Ministry the Vision and his calling has always been at the forefront,Making Disciples for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Orrin Pietersen

Pastor Orrin Pietersen was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is the Youth Pastor at Shield of Faith Christian Center, a church his father started in 2002. Orrin was raised in the church and was active in the youth ministries both in South Africa and in the United States.

In the latter part of his teenage years he slipped away from the things of God but the call on his life was strong and he returned. Pastor Orrin was a youth leader at Impacting Your World Christian Center and served there for 7 years. Pastor Orrin moved to Pittsburgh, PA where he started his family. He moved back to Philadelphia, PA with his family and found himself and his family bouncing from church to church before actually finding a church home at Epic Church in Manayunk. They remained at Epic for 2years until God put it on Pastor Jefty’s heart to start Shield of Faith Christian Center and Pastor Orrin took his family and assisted with the church plant.

He is the Youth Pastor for Armor Youth, the youth ministry branch of Shield of Faith Christian Center. The Lord put on Pastor Orrin’s heart to form Armor Youth to teach the young people in the Kensington Area and the Philadelphia Region to put on the “Full Armor of God,” Ephesians 6:11 and prepare them for the evil works of the devil. With the help and guidance of the Spirit the Vision for Shield of Faith and Armor Youth will be fulfilled by “Making Disciples for the Kingdom.”

Reginald F. Quinn, Associate Pastor

Reverend Quinn is an Associate Pastor here at Shield of Faith Christian Center in Philadelphia, PA. He’s also coordinator of our outreach ministry.

With over twenty years serving the Lord, Pastor Quinn has been steadfast in his love for God and people. Pastor Quinn attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa where he studied Social Administration.  He also attended Jamison School of Ministry where he studied biblical theology.

For the past seven years Pastor Quinn has faithfully ministered throughout the Philadelphia Prison System: CFCF,PICC, and RCF. He preaches and teaches often sharing his own life experiences of addiction, homelessness, and incarceration before his encounter with Jesus Christ. Through his daughter Amber, Pastor Quinn has been like a father to a number of adolescent girls who either didn’t have a relationship with their father, or were neglected by their fathers, becoming a role model to them of how a man and father should be.

An avid runner and cyclist, Pastor Quinn loves being on the move. Pastor Quinn resides in Philadelphia, Pa with his daughter Amber and his enormous cat, KJ (King James).

Pastor Carlos Perez

Pastor Carlos Perez was born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. He is the director of outreach ministry at SOFCC. He grew up in the church in Puerto Rico but at 12 years old, he had to become a man, taking on family responsibilities, supporting his mother and three sisters. During his adolescent years, he found himself running the streets, being involved with gangs, drugs, and crime, which led to years of incarceration. But God had a plan.

While in jail, Carlos gave his life to Christ. Upon his release, he decided to leave that lifestyle behind, and fulfill his responsibility as a father and grandfather. He recently graduated from SOFCC School of Ministry, and is now a licensed, ordained pastor at the church.

Minister Dwight Wilkins

Minister Dwight Wilkins serves as SOFCC Media Ministry director. He was born and raised in Jamaica and came to the USA at 18 years old. He grew up in church but drifted away from God and was lost in the world for many years. He finally gave his life to Christ about fifteen years ago and was recently ordained as a minister at SOFCC.